Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Daphne is my best hunting dog producing more birds than any other dog I have.  After hunting her last year I was so impressed, I decided I would breed her. 

She has a very dark liver, mahogany color coat.  It stays short and only needs minimal grooming.  Light-Medium build, of 35 lbs.  Good length of legs. 

Hunting with Daphne is relaxing and enjoyable. I do not need to keep on the whistle to keep her in gun range.  She hunts at a medium range.  Which to me means, perfect range.    One thing that makes her so successful at hunting is her exceptional nose and tracking ability.  She will stick with a scent trail in difficult situations when other dogs give up.  She will stay with it, to eventually produce the bird.

She is also that way with mole hunting and has been extremely useful around home.  She is not like some dogs that dig up the whole yard to find the little critters.  She digs down just enough to get her noes in and take a whiff.  If there is no fresh scent, she moves on.  I now have flowers planted where they couldn't grow before and they don't get killed by the moles tunneling around them!  Gardening and hunting with my dogs are my two passions in life and she is a big part of both of them. Daphne is actually named after a very favorite plant of mine.  A Daphne called "Moonlight Sprig".

Daphne has always been a quiet non-destructive dog in the house.  In the kennel she is quiet with good manners as well.  She has never chewed up anything, even as a pup.

Her Grand-Sire, Hall of Fame, CNFC FC AFC Pel Tan Rolly was known to be a very biddable dog.  She also possesses, that highly sought after quality.
She is very level headed. Shows good intelligence, an exceptional nose with a good mouth as well.